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There is no such thing as other halves. You do not love an other half; you do not love with only a half of yourself.

There is no such thing as completing each other. You may love an incomplete person, but they cannot fully love you back. You do not hold their missing pieces. They need to find those themselves. You may love while you are incomplete, but you have a greater need of yourself.

Love when you’ve learned its meaning through yourself. For it does not mean comfort. It means sacrifice and risks. It means putting aside what you want for the sake of what’s good. It means having courage and patience. It means being there for each other. How can you love a person fully, as they deserve to be, when you cannot be there for yourself? When you cannot sacrifice your comfort for your improvement? When you cannot face the challenges of your own mind?

How can you love and expect reciprocation from a person who do not love themselves? Love them, but be patient, for you cannot take it against them. Be there. Help them be strong. Watch them pick themselves up.

Love when you’re ready. Love when you’re whole.