On Faith

Belief is different from truth. Say, a man about to cross a bridge can believe that a bridge can support his weight, but the truth whether it can or not is still yet to be seen by crossing it. If the truth is found after experience, and belief is made by our own intuition, what about faith? Is it believing in your own perception of truth?

If it is, It is a truth that you yourself can only hold evidence of, making one a man standing in front of a bridge that can only be held up by his own convictions.

With this in mind, it’s already a given that faith sounds ridiculous, what with our need of justification and proof, but it’s also ironic, and at the same time, powerful. Ironic as though we all criticize faith at one time or other, when we search ourselves, we all believe in something that cannot be proven as true, and only because we want it to be. Powerful, as faith is made by our own convictions, therefore protected by it. When a man is resolute upon his faith, when his beliefs are his truths, criticism and doubt may either bounce off a confident heart and deaf ears or fuel him to defend it, so much that it can lead to blood.

As an afterthought, one’s faith can mask other knowledge or truth one possesses, or clash with another. The first being that what you believe is right is not equal to what is right, and what is right remains tentative on the different grounds that we base on to live and function. As for the second, when faith is believing in something that is not only true but right for all, it’s either our own faith is something we keep to ourselves out of sensitivity for others’, or we reach out to convince them to see as we see. I think, however, that for those two situations and for all, it’s better for everyone as a whole to accept that one’s faith is one’s own, and for everyone to overlap differences and arrive at the same sensibilities.

I have my own faith, one that I quit on countless of times only to go back again. It’s strong enough that I can think of faith in general and go through various old college textbooks (and Wikipedia pages) trying to find thorough answers without doubting my own. I guess that’s another complication for faith: when your own truth and knowledge has the ability to hold you back from pursuing and studying more. I’m glad, then, that I’ve overcome it.

Even if it did give two evenings’ worth of a headache.