TRAVEL: Lawas Seaside Resort || Lobo, Batangas 


Lawas Seaside Resort is placed practically in the middle of nowhere – you cruise through twisting, dizzying roads and stretches of fields for hours in Lobo before you actually get there.

But then, its location does contribute to the beach being a quiet paradise.

There isn’t much of a crowd. I’ve been here twice, and it’s always been around 4 or 5 groups of people or families. 

There are two cottages (one air-conditioned, one that isn’t), nipa huts, and tents for rent (camping spaces are also paid for – more on that on their Facebook page). 

We chose to stay in the non-air-conditioned cottage, because it came with a kitchenette. There were two beds and a spacious bathroom. 

Two of us went and slept outside in a sleeping bag and in the nipa hut – the rest stayed in the cottage, and we managed to be comfortable despite only having two beds.

Taken in their function hall, near the bathrooms. I used a self-timer for my narcissism! (The view was pretty)

If you walk left along the shore, you’ll find a much calmer place to swim in. The bottom of the sea is sandier there as well – its rocky in most parts. 

With the views, atmosphere and amenities – it’s definitely worth a visit.


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