Starting line


Tomorrow, a decision will be made by the nation.

It is one that may or may not be radically changed with the choice. With it, there will be a new leader, a new regime, a new system – and hopefully, a new Filipino. One that mends the ties broken because of clashing opinions, for he lives up to the principles and standards set by his choice, decision, and his motive in doing so. One that believes in the change and progress that can and will happen, whether or not his candidate wins, for the change we all call for starts with ourselves. One that, however the system might be,  continues to be the best citizen he can.

I have written no political pieces all throughout the month. I saw no point in repeating the same warning, the same persuading manner to see the good or the bad or the justification to be in approval or support of a candidate. I didn’t know how to disseminate awareness through words when I was still grasping it myself. I could only say much and comment on what I knew little (though while we’re at it, that doesn’t mean I, or the youth in general for that matter, doesn’t get a say on anything just because of our age) but this is a general reminder to all of us. We tend to forget that we can be the beginning to what we want to have for our country. This a reminder, that though a new leader will be chosen by the Filipino tomorrow, change does not have to begin only then.

It can begin with you. It can begin with ourselves.